Demand Letter for hidden defects with a lawyer

This product allows you to obtain a demand letter for hidden defects containing a notice of denunciation drafted by one of our lawyers.

  • Unlimited phone conversation with one of our lawyers to identify your needs.
  • Your demand letter for hidden defects including a notice of denunciation drafted by one of our lawyers
  • Receipt of your letter for review and approval in 24 hours.
  • Accessibility everywhere in Quebec.
  • No need to move from home, everything is done over the phone or through your legal portal.
  • A hidden defect letter written by a lawyer normally has a greater impact on the opposing party.
  • A demand letter for hidden defects are written by our experienced lawyers.
  • Our lawyers will analyze the facts related to your file and will support the demand letter with the applicable law specific to your situation.
  • You will receive your draft for review and final approval before it is sent to the other party.
  • Neolegal can take care of the sending of your Demand Letter hidden by registered letter, or bailiff.
  • In our effort to democratize access to legal services, all our rates are fixed and affordable (no hourly rate!).
  • Neolegal offers a complete range of services to help you in all the stages of your proceedings (negotiation with the opposite party, preparation to the court of small claims etc.)
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