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Neolegal was founded in 2017 with the aim of revolutionizing legal services by integrating our proprietary technologies in order to make the law accessible and affordable for everyone.

We are therefore able to offer our partners different solutions based on the specific needs of each and everyone. 

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Obtain new customers through our referrals

Are you a law firm? Become a partner and obtain clients with needs corresponding to your fields of expertise.

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Take advantage of our lead generation efforts
Secure a source of clients

Add our packages to your service catalogue

The work is executed by Neolegal lawyers, but the logo is that of your firm. White Label allows you to enhance your service catalogue while streamlining your operations.

Do not refuse a mandate for lack of time
Delegate the dossier you like less
Offer the service under your banner

Simplify your operations with our technological solutions

Our IT department automates our systems, facilitates the work of lawyers and optimizes everyone's time. We can share the benefits with you.

Accelerate the processing of legal documents
Automate repetitive tasks
Reduce the cost of your operations

Generate more revenue by referring your customers to us

If you'd rather keep your office's current catalogue of services, reference makes it easy to earn extra income.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are Neolegal's lawyers?
Neolegal lawyers are all members in good standing of the Barreau du Québec. Each of them has been chosen for their ability to provide the best possible advice quickly and simply.
Where are your offices?
While we have offices, our services are rendered by phone and online. This allows us to offer you the best rates and above all to serve you immediately. We can help you wherever you are in Quebec!

420 Notre-Dame St W Suite 601, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1V3