Negotiate With Opposing Party With a Lawyer

Do you have a dispute that you can not resolve? Our lawyers can negotiate with the opposing party to reach a settlement.
  • Unlimited phone consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your legal problem.
  • Set up a negotiation strategy with the other party to optimize your chances of success.
  • Negotiating call(s) of unlimited duration with the opposing party.
  • Follow up on negotiations with your lawyer until a settlement is reached.*
  • Accessibility everywhere in Quebec.
  • No need to move from home, everything is done over the phone or through your legal portal.
  • ** The negotiating fee with the opposing party through a lawyer includes a maximum of 4 exchanges (email and call, combined) with the opposing party and yourself. Normally this number of exchanges is sufficient to find a common ground with the opposing party.
  • Neolegal will assign your file to the lawyer best suited to your legal situation.
  • Your neolegal lawyer will guide you through the negotiation process to ensure the best deal possible.
  • Your neolegal lawyer will keep you informed on all negotiations with the opposing party.
  • In our effort to democratize access to the legal service, all our rates are fixed and affordable (no hourly rate!).
  • Neolegal offers a complete range of services to help you in all the stages of your case (demand letter, preparation to the court of small claims etc.)
  • We cover a wide range of legal areas, such as:
    • Civil law (neighborhood disorder, defamation, breach of contract, car and recreational vehicle problem, identity theft, etc.).
    • Labor law (dismissal, harassment, discrimination etc.).
    • Housing law (dispute with tenant / landlord, unpaid rent, roommate problem etc.).
    Contact us if your problem does not seem covered by the areas above, we can probably help you.




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$355 plus taxes
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