Personalized demand letter

This product allows you to acquire a demand letter written by a lawyer, all from the comfort of your home!
  • A phone conversation of an unlimited duration with one of our lawyers to discuss your legal issue.
  • Drafting of your letter of notice by one of our lawyers.
  • Receipt of your letter for review and approval within 24 hours.
  • Answers to all questions regarding your document
  • You do not have to leave your house. All communications are done by phone or via your legal portal.
  • Our Neolegal seal is included in the letter of notice
  • An account manager is to be in charge of your file
  • The letter of notice is sent by registered mail
  • A letter of formal notice written by a lawyer usually has a greater impact on the targeted party when received.
  • Letters of formal notice are drafted by our lawyers who are all experienced in legal services
  • Our lawyers will analyze the facts related to your case and will support the letter of formal notice with the applicable law for your specific situation
  • You will receive the draft version of your letter of formal notice so that you can review it and approve it before it is sent to the opposing party
  • Neolegal can send your formal notice for you by registered letter, by secure email, or by bailiff
  • In our continuing effort to process democratization access to legal services, all our prices are fixed and affordable (no hourly rate!)
  • Our no stress guarantee policy ensures that you will be fully reimbursed if this product does not suit your needs
  • Neolegal offers a full range of services to help you in every step of your case. (negotiation with the opposing party, preparation to the small claims court, etc.)




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All done remotely
$310 plus taxes
All personal informations are encrypted and secured

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