The NeoForm, NeoDoc, and NeoPortail applications add important new possibilities in terms of pulling information from files, managing documentation, and automating processes, thereby allowing law firms and corporate legal departments to accelerate the processing of legal cases in a more affordable manner

Montreal, April 4th, 2023 – Neolegal, a technology company specializing in the automation of processes and the production and management of legal documents, and whose mission is to simplify the access of law firms, companies and individuals to various legal needs through technological developments and counsel, today announces a new line of tools designed for legal professionals that enables them to automate a large portion of legal work and to optimize its execution, in addition to ensuring end-to-end monitoring for a wider variety of needs and circumstances.

The company bases its new NeoForm, NeoDoc, and NeoPortail applications on the enhanced use and automation of its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems. This allows for the development of new tools that monitor the automated evolution of a legal case as a whole, including processes needing to be followed, deadlines to meet, as well as document generation, all from an online platform, thereby leading to the more efficient progression of various legal mandates.

“Through these new apps, we are bringing the notion of legal accessibility to a whole new level, both for our corporate clients and the public. We explored ways to apply the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to not only expand our offering, but also facilitate monitoring processes. Furthermore, by offering our entire line of services to the professional legal community, we are accelerating the processing of cases and adding to the range of services offered by law firms and corporate legal departments. Working with Neolegal is one of those rare moments, in the legal field, where everyone truly wins.”

Philip Hazeltine, Co-Founder and CEO of Neolegal

“Our proprietary AI and ML technology allows for new possibilities in terms of creating, managing and monitoring legal processes and claims. That is our primary mission. We hope that our partner law firms and legal departments, as well as individuals and businesses having various legal needs, will further rely on us in order to safely build up their cases. To us, this is a major step in offering an even more comprehensive and affordable offering. Our platform, in addition to Neolegal’s lawyers, are at your service.”

Sid Benachenhou, Co-Founder and Vice-President, Technology, of Neolegal

New applications, new features

In addition to Neolegal’s existing applications, and with its capacity to seamlessly integrate the various technological environments that clients use, the new NeoForm tool connects information together over the duration of a case. Following a series of questions that serve to gather information, the system automatically reviews the form and notifies the author if required information is missing, thereby ensuring the document’s compliance. If several people are involved in the same case, only the person needing to provide additional details is notified.

Basing itself on the information gathered, the AI smartly asks additional questions in order to make sure that the forms used are appropriate to the situation. If deemed necessary, the AI may suggest adding further documentation that will better support the case.

Document management tool NeoDoc acts as a gathering agent by compiling different documents in order to form the entirety of a legal claim and verify that every document is correctly identified, thereby establishing that all required elements appear in the case’s file. In order to accomplish this, NeoDoc sources information from data entered in NeoForm, while the artificial intelligence conducts an audit, thus developing the entire file. The process is accelerated and optimized through AI.

Adding to the functions offered by NeoForm and NeoDoc, the NeoPortail application was designed for law firms and corporate legal departments. This app serves as a sprawling and comprehensive management tool covering all files, tasks and deadlines related to various mandates. This central point is hosted on a platform equipped with autonomous AI and ML functions, thereby facilitating the management and automation of the different cases.

A secure and versatile platform

Neolegal’s technological and cloud architecture is a highly secure environment which protects the confidentiality of recorded and stored information. Data is secured at all times by a multi-layered system in order to ensure client protection and that of the information making up their files. Going beyond secure systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning also play an evolving and protective role within the platform.

Although they can be used independently or through programmed interactions, Neolegal tools can be grafted to other technological tools in order to further extend their functions.

Neolegal already supports the legal community

In addition to offering its services, applications, and technological tools to the general public, Neolegal collaborates with several well-established law firms and corporate legal departments in order to better serve their respective clients, with Neolegal’s more diversified offerings allowing it to act as an external partner.

This is in accordance with the company’s mission to offer legal services and applications that are more accessible and affordable for all. In this regard, Neolegal intends to continue its expansion by partnering with firms and companies that have an international presence.

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