Negotiate with the opposing party through legal counsel

Turnkey service

  • Negotiate with the opposing party
  • Discussion of your case with one of our lawyers beforehand
  • Strategic advice from one of our lawyers to maximize your chance of winning
  • Follow-up on the negotiations by one of our lawyers
  • Our lawyers help you through every step
  • All done online and by phone
  • Available everywhere in the Province of Quebec
All done remotely
$225 plus taxes
  • 1- Click on « Add », fill in your personal information and proceed to payment
  • 2- One of our lawyers will contact you immediately within our business hours to discuss your file

Don't worry. We cover all legal areas. Here are some examples:

Problem with your home (hidden defects, uncompleted work, neighbors...)
Problem with a company (breach of contract, goods not delivered...)
Harassment problem
Sceau esprit tranquille Neolegal

Neolegal Zero Stress Guarantee

If we realize after your purchase that this product does not suit you, you will of course be fully reimbursed or we will offer you a more suitable product.