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Offering simplified legal solutions through innovative and personalized technologies. Neolegal is an online technological solution designed to meet all your legal needs, no matter how complex the case may be.

Legal products Neolegal Business Suite

The Neolegal Business Suite: A comprehensive platform

Secure, online tools allow all legal professionals to follow the entire course of a case, regardless of its breadth.

Legal professionals

The solution for your personal needs

Easy and secure navigation when going through diverse legal requirements thanks to our online forms, which are supported by our team of lawyers.


Become a Partner

A partnership with Neolegal allows you to expand and diversify your legal services offerings, no matter your field of practice.

Become a partner

Speed up the processing
of your legal cases

Neolegal’s technological solution offers a centralized approach for your interactions with clients, thereby ensuring improved efficiency in your case management. This is made possible through a CRM operating in SaaS mode, enabling efficient automation of the management and planning of upcoming steps and milestones.

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Neolegal, the legal solution for a digitized world

Our mission is to make accessing justice easier, more affordable, and faster by rethinking the management approach of the legal profession through the use of technology. At Neolegal, we are revolutionizing and improving legal tools by automating many processes, thereby allowing for flexible rates, the efficient management of cases and a simplified user experience.

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Reach new heights by choosing Neolegal as your partner

By becoming a Partner, you can speed up the processing of your legal documents, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce your operational costs by adding our packages to your current offerings. Opting for our efficient and diversified technological solution improves the efficiency of your firm or business, all while offering new legal services to your clients.

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