Contest A Ticket of 1 to 3 points

  • - Avoid losing points, protect your licence.
  • - Avoid the additional cost of $81+ on your licence
  • - Avoid the additional cost of your car insurance
  • - Protect your record from future employers

Let our lawyers contest your ticket

  • Submission of not guilty plea and request for disclosure of evidence.
  • Study and analysis of your file including the infraction report
  • Request of your driving record from the SAAQ
  • Request for disclosure and analysis of the prosecution's evidence
  • An unlimited-duration call with one of our lawyers to discuss your case
  • Negotiation of an out-of-court settlement to reduce or eliminate demerit points associated with your statement of offense and ultimately maintain your privilege to drive
  • Follow your file in real time via our legal portal
  • Accessible throughout Quebec
  • Be advised that this package does not include requests for hearing remissions.
  • If you choose to go to Court, be advised that this package does not include a trial. Given the fact that each file is unique, we will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate for the costs associated with the holding of a trial.
  • Your file will be treated by one of our lawyers specialized in criminal law and the code of road safety.
  • Your neolegal lawyer will negotiate with the prosecution to minimize the impact on your driving record.
  • In our effort to democratize access to the legal service, all our rates are fixed and affordable. (No hourly rate!)




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1 to 3 demerit points
$188 plus taxes
All personal informations are encrypted and secured

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